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244.                          BYZANTINE CHURCHES                         CHAP.
especially in  the  confusion which  followed   the  Turkish conquest
In reply to this line of argument5 it may be urgeds first3 that the presence of a church of S. Theodore in the district of Sphorakius does not prevent the existence of a church with  a  similar  dedication  in  another   part   of  the   city. S. Theodore was  a  popular  saint.    There was a church named after him in the district of Claudius (ra K\av$lov) ;l another church built in   his honour stood in the district Carbounaria (ra Kapfiowdpia,1) ;2 the private chapel of the emperors in the Great Palace was dedicated to S. Theodore ;3 and according to Phrantzes,4 a church dedicated at once to S, Theodore the Tiro and S. Theodore the General^ as at Athens, was erected in Constantinople in his day.    As to the indications supposed to favour the view that the church of S. Anastasia stood at Kilissi Mesjedi3 they are5 to say the leastj exceedingly vague and inconclusive.    According to Antony of Novgorod 5 the shrine of S. Anastasia was found near  the church of the Pantokrator? on the Fourth Hill, whereas Kilissi Mesjedi stands  on the Third  Hill. Furthermores the order in which the Anonymus6 refers to the  church  of S.  Anastasia  Pharmacolytria,   immediately before the Leomacellumj, which Mordtmann identifies with the Et Meidan, would allow us to place S. Anastasia in the valley  of the Lycus.     Under  these  circumstances   it  is wiser to accept the information given to Gyllius as correct ; for while the Greeks of his day were not infallible in their identification  of the  buildings  of the  city5  there  is   no evidence that they were mistaken in this particular case.
Paspates7 agrees so far with this view, but maintains, at the same time3 that the building was the church of S. Theodore * in the district of Sphorakius.' That identification is inadmissible, for beyond all dispute the district of Sphorakius stood close to S. Sophia and not at Vefa Meidan. Mtlhlmann8 likewise regards Kilissi Mesjedi
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